Wyrestorm 1 to 4 HDMI Splitter

Wyrestorm 1 to 4 HDMI Splitter

The Wyrestorm SP-0104  is a four-output HDMI splitter that distributes the connected HDMI input to four identical syncronised HDMI outputs.

The SP-0104 also buffers and amplifies the signal to ensure optimum transmission and reception over distances up to 15m / 49ft (the typical recommended transmission distances for HDMI cables).

Compact for unobtrusive installations, the SP-0104 is also fully cascadable so multiple units may be combined to create a larger HD distribution.
  • Details

    The WyreStorm Standard HD Splitter Range are professional grade single and dual input splitters that provide distribution and replication of HD input to multiple duplicate displays - perfect for Retail AV, Commercial and Hospitality installation. The fact our R&D team work on all products across our entire product range, it is possible to mix and match HD Splitters with extender sets to cover large screen installations quickly and cost effectively.

    Features include:

    Professional grade
    Full 1080p support
    HDCP compliant
    3D support (Frame sequential - Blu ray / Interlaced stereoscopic - satellite/cable braodcasts)
    Range of models to suit install
    Can be cascaded to make large distribution system
    Compact design with mounting brackets supplied