Vision Log 28 Periodic Aerial

Vision Log 28 Periodic Aerial

28 Element Standard Log-Period UHF TV Aerials. Presenting the new Patent protected “Stub-Tuning” technology. High out-of-band rejection with negative gain. For medium to strong signal areas with high directivity. Lightweight, low wind load design.
  • Details

    Model: V10-28L Total no of Elements: 28 Junction Box: Weatherproof end cover with PCB mounted F-connector Boom sizes / Element Material / Construction: 2 x 14mm / 4mm dia aluminium wire / Magnesium aluminium alloy

    Mast Clamp vertical / horizontal mounting: Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel up to 60mm (2¼”)

    Forward Gain dBd : (typical): 8.5dBd ±1.5dB (10.65dBi)
    Frequency range MHz: 470 - 790MHz Ch21 to 60
    Rejection in 4G-800 LTE band at 830MHz: -10dB (-17dB lower than Ch60)
    Acceptance Angle (half-power beam-width) ( H / V ): H ±16° / V ±15° @ 790MHz
    Front / Back Ratio at 630MHz: >32dB
    Cross Polar Rejection: >17dB Wind load: 2.7kg

    Length mm: 1110mm
    Width mm: 305mm
    Height mm: 50mm